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is an easy-to-use, yet powerful todo, task list and GTD software. Increase your productivity with a few clicks, don't forget anything important again and manage different types of information in a friendly and secure environment.



uOrganized - todo, task list and GTD software

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The most flexible interface on the market

In few clicks uOrganized interface can be optimized to fit perfectly for a busy CEO or for a lazy student. It has the ability to auto-redesign it's interface to be extremely simple and light or heavier with more details, depending on your needs. There are 5 predefined layouts available, but it's easy to customize and can be changed at any time.


mini layout
normal layout
complete layout



Organize information in folders, and, if is not enough, using tags

uOrganized is one of the few applications which allows you to organize your information using both folders and tags, or individualy, depending on your workload and number of details needed to be managed. That's why GTD (getting things done) method can be implemented pretty well. Try now





I've been looking for a programme to manage my productivity, task management, information etc. - and have spent months surfing and recurrently trying and rejecting the other regular suspects' such as ... etc. I've searched every possible review, GTD site and every one of the other programmes had major shortcomings. Finally at 3am my time I found uOrganized - and can't understand why I've not come across it before. Is it new?? Anyway, it is vastly superior to any of the competiton - and I've even found I can run it off my USB. Have purchased immediately - and many thanks. I don't usually writewildly enthusiastic emails to software companies, but this time couldn't fail to do so!!

Hilary C. - United Kingdom quote

Manage tasks with high precision

You can set begin date, end date of a task, the priority, status, level of completion and so on up to 13 fields. However, you can use a more simple task window if you don't want to set so many options. A handy feature allows you to group the items by most important fields making the information easier to read and organize. Try now

add task

Powerful reminders

Besides the standard sound notification, uOrganized can execute 9 types of actions including sending SMS and Email messages, Shutdown or Restart computer, Open files etc... Try now



Easy to search, easy to filter, easy to use

Filter information by everything, moreover, you can save the filters and load them with a click from the Filters panel. An additional calendar helps you to filter tasks and notes by date with ease. Try now



Store notes, ideas, tips etc...

The Notes section of uOrganized will keep your private information organized in the same easy way as in the Tasks section. You may also 'stick' your notes/tasks to desktop to have a better look of what's most important for you. Try now


Safe and secure

The protection of personal data is a real problem these days, however, uOrganized can password protect and encrypt your information using Blowfish encryption algorithm. Also, uOrganized will make backups of your data automatically each day so if something unexpected happens your data is in the Backup folder. Try now

database options



Your application is just what I've been looking for and at the price I've been looking for. Most importantly though it does what a GTD app should.

Adrian C. - Canada quote

Other features :

  • Outlook integration (import, export, synchronize, drag & drop)
  • hotkeys to work faster
  • can be run from USB stick
  • change the interface appearance (choose from a selection of 25 skins)
  • multiple attachments support
  • Rich Text Formatting support ... and more waits to be discovered Try now


See features list compared with its little brother uTodo