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Briefly, uTodo is a simple to-do list software with a clean and intuitive interface. It's also one of the fastest application of it's kind due to its high number of keyboard shortcuts that works together with mouse drag and drop actions.



uTodo - efficient, simple and fast to-do list and GTD software

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A tool especially designed for simplicity and easy of use

If you are looking for a simple software that will help you to manage your tasks list fast and efficient, being also easy to use and with the right features set then you are in the right place.


uTodo is created in a way you can focus on your work without getting interrupted by unnecessary actions like opening a new window to create tasks or extra mouse clicks to edit a property. The result is the high speed and productive working environment we all want. Download now

Super fast tasks list

You don't need to use the mouse to populate your to-do lists. With smart keyboard actions like pressing ' ; ' twice to set the due date or ' [ ' to assign tags, uTodo will not just save time but will also increase your productivity.


Easily apply Getting Things Done methodology

GTD is all about focusing on actionable items than organizing and reviewing them properly. With uTodo you can manage your tasks in different Lists and assign multiple tags to them. That's not all, you can filter and group by those tags using your keyboard(hotkeys) or with a mouse click. Use the tags to assign contexts and the lists as task states - simple ah?. Download now

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Filter and Group by everything

One of the most powerful features of uTodo is the filtering system. You can filter by Lists, Tags, Dates, Priorities or Done state of the task. Another very useful functionality is the ability to Group your items automatically to have a better look of your to do list. Download now



Take your todo lists with you

uTodo can be installed on a USB flash drive so you can take it wherever you go, you just have to insert the drive and install on it. However, if you like the traditional paper you can print out your tasks and put them on your desk or in your briefcase while you are traveling. Download now

Post-it notes on your desktop

You already know how popular and useful are the sticky notes. The tasks from uTodo can be transformed into fully customizable post-it notes sticked on your desktop. You can change the font, colors, transparency level or you can make your note stay in front of all applications. Download now

sticky notes

Other features :

  • hotkeys for everything, you don't need to touch the mouse anymore
  • export to text and HTML
  • change the interface appearance (choose from a selection of 21 skins)
  • task note editor with hyperlinks support
  • auto-save - don't have to care about saving your changes Download now


See features list compared with its bigger brother uOrganized